Launch of Verisoft

Verisoft is a long-term Research Project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (bmb+f). The main goal of the project is the persistent formal verification of computer systems. The correct functionality of systems, as they are applied, for example, in automotive engineering, in security technology and in the sector of medical technology, should be mathematically proved. The proofs are computer aided in order to prevent human error conducted by the scientists involved. The knowledge and progress obtained should assist german enterprise in achieving a stable, internationally competitive position in the professional spheres mentioned above.

Verisoft is a nationwide compound project for which renowned german companies like Infineon, T-Systems and BMW could be enlisted. The participants on Saarbrücken ground are the University of Saarland, where the project management is located, the Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics as well as the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The total sum of funding amounts to 7,4 million euro for the first two years, from which 3,3 million euro are going to Saarbrücken.

Revision 14 Mar 2006