BMBF Funds a Standard for IT-Safety Guarantee for Hard- and Software as well as Network- and User Level

In spite of the increasing use of electronics in safety relevant areas, a standard method which guarantees the flawless functioning of technology is still missing. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, therefore, funds the research on the so called closed integrated correctness proof through the methods of verification. It should be able to detect and correct errors in autonomous and integrated computer systems. For the first two-year research phase the BMBF will provide 7,2 million Euro, announced the Ministry in Berlin on Wednesday. The lead management of the project is trusted to the University of Saarland. For the scientific part they collaborate with the technical universities of Darmstadt, Karlsruhe and Munich as well as with the Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence and the Max-Planck Institute in Saarbrücken. Industrial partners are Infineon Technologies AG, T-Systems Nova GmbH, BMW AG and the middle-sized Absint GmbH.

First of all, the mathematical principles should be developed, fully formalised and modified for computer appliance in the fields of embedded systems, communication and user software. On that bases, the project partners aim to develop demonstrator programs with which to revise the computer systems of chip cards, telecommunication and automotive electronics, from the hardware to user software. The development of an integrated correctness proof is presently considered one of the biggest challenges in computer science. It should regularly revise the functions while developing hard- and system software up to network- and user level. The mastery of the verification technology is of a great importance to the industry. Money and time could be spared at the development of new systems by avoiding the costs, which arise at debugging in the electronic system. Verisoft is the first project under the motto “Life in the networked world – individual and safe”, that was developed within BMBF Future-Process. The altogether 1.000 experts involved suggest that a special emphasis should be put on the IT-Safety point. Further information is available at in Internet as well as by Prof. Dr Wolfgang Paul, a director of the Computer Architecture and Parallel Computing Institute of the University of Saarland, tel. +49 (0)681 302-2436.

Revision 14 Mar 2006