3,3 Million for the Computer Scientists in Saarland

Saarbrücken (pk). How could an airbag function with as little technical failure as possible? That is something that “Verisoft” project is, among other things, interested in finding out. In the altogether 7,4-million-euro-funded “Verisoft” project researchers and students would be exploring the possibility to mathematically prove the correctness of computer systems for the next two years. “We could, in this way, continuously prevent human error in the design of computer-controlled systems for the future”, explains the Head of Project Management, Thomas In der Rieden. German enterprise is expected to gain advantage in international competition through the research results. A good deal of 3,3 million euro out of the total funding sum is directed to Saarbrücken where it will be distributed among the University, the Max-Planck Institute and the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence for “Verisoft” purposes. “Our project is especially exciting for students who would like to write a diploma thesis or a practically oriented dissertation”, says In der Rieden. For in this research concrete systems will be processed, which will later on be applied one-to-one in the industry. “The carrier prospects are excellent”, says the Head of Project Management. The Technical Universities in Darmstadt and Munich, as well as the University of Karlsruhe are also involved in working on the nationwide project. Companies like Infineon, T-Systems and BMW have their share in “Verisoft” too.

Source: Saarbrücker Zeitung
Date: 02.09.2003

Revision 02 Mar 2005